Serve Local Michigan Grown Beef To Your Customers!

Farm To Table

As a local farm in Laingsburg, we understand the importance of serving the highest quality beef for your customers. 

We raise the highest quality Black Angus Cattle in the area

Our Black Angus cattle are raised on grass in western states then finished on corn and free-range grass at our farm in Laingsburg. We ONLY use local family-owned USDA inspected butchers. This approach helps us achieve the proper marbling to bring your beef to choice or prime grade.

Step 1

Fill Out the Form or Give Us a Call

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page or call/text us at (517)755-8155

Step 2

Consultation & Order

We will discuss all that you will need for your restaurant and prepare it for you within the next few days. You can choose your specific cuts and all other details that will best serve you. 

Step 3

Delivery Day

We will contact you about one week prior to your order being ready to schedule your free delivery to your restaurant. Your beef will be delivered perfectly packed and prganized into sturdy cardboard boxes. 

Trusted by many local restaurants!

Let us bring some of the best local grown beef in Michigan to you! Unlike other wholesalers who may not check the quality of their beef, our butchers carefully prepare each and every order to the exact need of our customers. 

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